The Tatum One-Piece Implant Kit

The Tatum Surgical One-Piece Implant Kit is designed to aid in the placement of our Tatum One-Piece Tapered Implants. These kits have been designed to include all the necessary drills, drivers and ratchet. All components are clearly labeled for easy indentification.

The Tatum One-Piece Implant Kit Includes:
Tapered Drills
Hand Tools
1.5mm HT12 - 3.0 CB HT20 EXTENSION
2.0mm HT13 - 3.0 CBA HT21 LATCH GRIP
3.0mm HT14 - 3.0-3.5 SB HT2 HAND DRIVER
3.5mm HT15 - 3.5 CB RATCHET
4.0mm HT16 - 4.0 SB  
5.0mm HT17 - 4.0 CB  
6.0mm HT18 - 5.0 CB  
  HT22 - 5.0 SB  
  HT23 - 6.0 CB  
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