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Thank you for your interest in the philosophy and teaching techniques of Dr. Hilt Tatum, the originator of the Sinus Augmentation, Bone Expansion, and Vascularized Segmental Osteotomy procedures.

The Advanced Dental Implant Institute of Puerto Rico
A comprehensive Training Program on Oral Rehabilitation and Implant Dentistry

The Advanced Dental Implant Institute of Puerto Rico presents an AAID approved year long course hosted by Dr. Joe Pedroza, Dr. Hilt Tatum and other specialized clinicians with an emphasis on surgery (75%) and (25 %) didactic. The course requirement is 5 days a month, for 10 months. San Juan, Puerto Rico.
For more info visit: www.theadii.com

Oregon-AAID Implant Maxicourse®
Comprehensive Training Program in Implant Dentistry

This is one of the most comprehensive continuing education programs about implant dentistry. Presenters include renowned university faculty, world-class clinicians and top authorities in implant dentistry. The program will be presented over a 10 month period. This course is a must for all dentists, both general dentists and specialists, whose goal is to become proficient in implant dentistry. The participation segment is a hands-on opportunity to place implants after having case presentations reviewed by faculty and colleagues.

Oregon-AAID Implant Maxicourse®
c/o Medonline, Inc.
PO Box 51419
Eugene, OR 97405
Web: www.oraaidmaxicourse.com
Email: oraaidmaxicourse@gmail.com

The Vancouver AAID MaxiCourse®
Over 300 hours of Continuing Education

The Vancouver AAID MaxiCourse ® is a structured program consisting of 30 days of education over ten months. The program will run from September 2013 to June 2014. Each session will run from Friday to Sunday. It will consist of a systematic buildup of the didactic material, laboratory exercises, surgical demonstrations, clinical participation and surgeries on your own patients. All surgeries will be mentored and supervised by AAID credentialed faculty members. Session four of the program will offer an opportunity to review surgical anatomy as well as the placement of implants and performance of various surgical procedures on cadavers at the UBC Faculty of Medicine, Department of Anatomy. Each participant will be eligible to challenge the written component of the AAID Fellowship exam at the end of the program. This is optional and a personal choice.
For more info visit: www.vancouvermaxicourse.com

The Boston Implant Institute of Dental Implantology and Bone Augmentation, presents a year long course hosted by Dr. Ashok Patel designed to cover the full scope of Dental Implantology and includes hands-on surgeries. The course requirement is 5 days a month, for 10 months. Anaheim, California.
For more info visit: www.bostonimplantinstitute.org

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